Missing in Missional #6: 4 Ways to Live the Gospel for the Sake of Others

29 Jun

Thank you for checking out this article in the “Missing in Missional” guest blog post series. Below, I have listed links to all current “Missing in Missional” posts. Thanks again to Fred Liggin, Matt Maestas, Kathy Escobar, Gibby Espinoza, Chris Lenshyn, Michelle Funderburg, and (next week’s contributor) Charles Kiser for challenging us into Christ-formed action.

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Michelle Funderburg graciously accepted my invitation to write for the “Missing in Missional” series. Daily, she takes care of elderly friends and has a knack for proactively asking: “What good will you do today?

In this post, she offers 4 ways to live missionally allowing the Gospel to saturate and flow from our lives for the sake of others. Catch up with Michelle on Twitter and at “What’s Justice Got To Do With It?” She’s a great conversationalist!

How often has a missionary came to speak at your church while on sabbatical from their foreign mission field? When this happens in most churches the guest missionary is looked at and treated as a “super Christian” someone who lives a life holier and more pleasing to God than the average person is capable of. It is as though some people are called to greatness, the rest of us need to accept that we are just plain old ordinary Christians. We are merely called to be “good” people.

I reject this idea. I think that we are all called to live missionally whether or not as a carreer missionary. The bible tells us, as a Christian community, to go into all the world and preach the gospel to all the people. It doesn’t say that some of us should do this. Not everyone has a desire to move to rural Africa developing a written language to translate the Bible, and not everyone is supposed to do this. If we all moved to Africa there would be no Christians to reach the rest of the world. Without giving up our jobs, “normal lives,” and every day plans we can all live missionally. Living missionally requires small changes in our lives.

If we all carry a small amount of non-perishable, ready to eat food in our cars or bags it will give us something to share with panhandlers with whom we come into contact. It’s a small change in lifestyle but gives us the opportunity to share an aspect of Christ with those in need, Christ as the sustainer of life.

By age 21 most of us have already accumulated more stuff than we could possibly need. One solution to this over-accumulation is to make the commitment to replace old with new. Each time we buy ourselves something new we donate something we’ve already got. Same rule applys for Christmas and birthday presents. Living life in this way will keep us focused on being content with what we have, treating our things as blessings from God. It also keeps things in circulation for those in need, also means that you will sometimes be giving nice items away, not just the old worn out stuff that we should have thrown in the trash. The Bible does tell us that those with 2 tunics should share with those who have none. When we keep more than we need we are depriving those in need.

The next time you go grocery shopping look for all the 2 for 1 sales. Get the sale but keep only the 1 for yourself/your family. The free item should be donated to a food bank, in this way you will be following the same principle as the old for new in a way more applicable to food. Or, use the access food to invite a struggling co-worker and his family over for dinner. People in our every day lives won’t feel as much like a “charity case” if we invite them over, do things with them as they will if we show up with a bag of groceries for them to take home. Remember that God wouldn’t desire that we treat anyone with a lack of respect so in your attempt to help someone you should bear in mind that it should be done with the utmost respect for the other person as an individual.

I’m sure we can all think of many more ways to live missionally in our everyday lives. The comments section would be a great place for everyone to share their ideas so we can learn from each other.


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