The Ultimate Guide for Making Excuses to God

24 Jan

My Wife = #BeastMode
Yesterday, I posted the following on Facebook: “She runs 2 miles, does squats, lunges, and bleachers, goes to the grocery store, does all the laundry, sweeps and mops the floors, and home schools the children. I run 2 miles and crawl into bed from exhaustion.”

trackMy lovely wife is the “she” in the statement above. She’s a beast, no doubt. Me, on the other hand: when it comes to working out, I make excuses. She does not. That’s probably why she’s down 80 pounds. And I’m not.

On a bad day, I find good excuses not to run. On a good day, I find bad excuses not to do anything else after running.

This week, while reflecting on Exodus 3 through Exodus 4:17, I’ve discovered Moses making excuses: five of them, in fact. Okay, one is more of a plea, but I’m counting it as an excuse.

excusesMoses Excuses
1) Who am I? (speaking about himself)

2) Who are You? (speaking about God)

3) What if the Israelites do not believe me?

4) I am not a good enough speaker

5) Won’t you just send someone else? Please?

Talk about the ultimate guide for making excuses to God! What a list! It’s no wonder the “Lord’s anger burned against Moses” in the very next verse. Take a hint, Bud!

Turning Excuses into Action
However, throughout the entire story, God remains faithful to his original words of encouragement: “I will be with you.” Moses plays a major role, but truly, God, is the main character and hero of the story.

overcomeAre you making excuses in your relationship with God? Whatever they are, I’m willing to bet He’s heard them all (in this story alone!). All the while, He must be longing for your acceptance of the truth He’s known all along: You. Can. Do. It.

Whatever “it” is, God is listening. God is working. God is sending. And my hunch is, he’s sending you. Whether you asked for “it” or not, embrace His sending. The power, energy, and opportunity come from Him.

Please send someone else? Nope. God’s got faith in you. In fact, he stretched his arms wide open just to reveal how much.

Still learning,

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One response to “The Ultimate Guide for Making Excuses to God

  1. Judy Jennings

    June 19, 2013 at 5:07 PM

    I completely understand Chris. We make all kinds of excuses for everything, especially those things that make us feel uncomfortable. July, 2011 was the time we received the request to allow William to come here. I had ALL kinds of excuses as to why we didn’t want to, or need to do this! Nope! We didn’t know him. Didn’t know Swahili. We were too old, too busy, too tired, too far from town, too afraid of the unknown, too…God didn’t buy any of those excuses. And how blest we have been! If we had said “no” William was giving up his quest to come to America. If we had said “no” we would never have known the joy he has brought into our lives. We would never have known this good Christian man. We would never have rejoiced with him as he excelled at school. People have said we have been a blessing, but I say, no-we have received a blessing. And to think-we nearly missed it!


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