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For the Overlooked, Ignored, and Misunderstood

We’ve never seen an episode. We couldn’t name all the cast members. We don’t even get A&E on our U-Verse TV package.

siWe have friends who believe Phil Robertson “said what needed to be said.” We have friends who believe Phil Robertson engaged in “hate speech.” We have friends who believe in what Phil Robertson said but not in the way he said it. We have friends who do not believe in either. We have friends who believe Phil Robertson hung the moon. We have friends who believe Phil Robertson to be an idiot.

However, in the midst of this cultural (and very personal) cyclone, what will be the response of Heidi Toole Chappotin and me? Just like the disastrous typhoon in the Philippines and the unfortunate accidental backyard flash fire that burned four Burleson teens, we’re asking ourselves: “How can we helpfully respond?”

To me (Chris Chappotin), much of the “Pro Phil” rhetoric focuses on and challenges Christians to “stand up for what we believe in.” Perhaps I am guilty of a gross generalization; however, I’ve read too many FB and Twitter posts encouraging Christians to boycott A&E, utilize social media to “speak out” on Phil’s behalf, or join him in critiquing homosexuality to conclude otherwise.

Therefore, we’d like to lovingly challenge this language by suggesting something ALL of us, Christian or otherwise, could do with the wages we receive for our first day of work in 2014.

money giftIf we really want to “stand up for what we believe in,” rather than writing a blog post, turning off our favorite TV show, or participating in social media banter, let’s commit to giving away the wages from our first work day in 2014 to someone we know personally who needs the money more than we do.

To be candid, I (Chris) make a little over $200/day, and without trying, I’ve already had 2 friends come to mind who would be enormously blessed to receive that amount. What’s holding me back from freely giving it to them?

We realize that for most of us, this will hurt. For most of us, after we count down the days to Christmas, we count down the days to that first January paycheck. We contend that, if for no other reason, we should give away 2014’s first-days wages because of this reality.

Will you join us? Please don’t “accept” this event invitation if you are not committing to participate. Once you give away your first-days wages of 2014, we invite you to post about your experience on the Facebook Event Timeline. We would love to spend February 1 reading countless stories about how the Holy Spirit worked through our mutual submission to each other and to the overlooked, ignored, and misunderstood people (and potential friends) around us.

The actions or lack thereof of Christians provide fodder for hot-button cultural conversations, and the 24-hour news cycle makes certain that the fervor and emotionally-charged dynamics of the conversations do not fade.

volunteering-and-givingTherefore, once again, let me be clear: We are asking you to join us in giving away all of the wages you will earn for your first day of work in 2014. If possible, please give to someone you know personally. Then, upon completion, post about your experience on the Timeline for this Event.

With subversiveness and savvy, let’s use this reality to our advantage. We follow a Savior, Lord, and Messiah who “stood up for what he believed in” by freely giving his life for the sake of others…even (and especially) the very people who were clamoring for his execution. Let us be known for doing the same.

If you have any questions or suggestions, tweet me. If you would like to join this Event on Facebook, click here.

Will you join us?

Still learning,

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